Personal Accident Lawyer Monmouth County, NJ

Personal Accident Lawyer Monmouth County, NJ - Bicyclist before being hit by car in rainOur personal accident lawyer Monmouth County, NJ residents trust, has represented clients who have suffered tragic injuries following an accident. Personal injury cases are among the most common civil claims because accidents happen every day. When negligence is present, the victim may be entitled to receive damages for their losses. Victims may suffer severe injuries, and the recovery process will be imperative to ensure that they can heal from their injuries. Because of this, it’s only natural that dealing with treatments and pursuing the legal process can be a lot to manage, which is why a lawyer from Kreizer Law will be necessary. Our firm can assist with proving the claim with critical evidence so that victims have an opportunity to receive the best possible outcome. When victims find a professional practice to represent them, they gain access to knowledge, resources, and advocates who will protect their rights.

Accidents Are Common Occurrences


At a moment’s notice, a person’s entire life may change; whether they drive their vehicle, walk on the sidewalk, or ride their bike, they could fall victim to an accident. The potential ways an accident may happen are endless. Among the most common types of accidents that may call for legal action include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Acts of Violence
  • +More

Personal injury cases are represented every day, but many never see the courtroom as settlements are often reached through negotiations. Most of the time, seeking damages begins with pursuing a personal injury claim, often with the responsible party’s insurance company. When negotiations are fruitless, if necessary, a personal accident injury lawyer in Monmouth County, New Jersey, will be prepared to pursue a lawsuit through litigation.

7 Types of Personal Injury Scenarios

A personal injury case is something that no one should ever experience. If you unfortunately have been in a recent accident, you can speak to a lawyer so that you can receive legal assistance. A skilled personal injury lawyer can give you customized legal advice so that you can make the best decision for your case. Some of the most common types of personal injury scenarios a lawyer often helps clients with include the following scenarios.

Car Accident

No one wants to get into a car accident. but fortunately they are all too common. Whether it’s due to drunk driving or speeding, car accidents result in thousands of victims each year. There are many negligent and reckless drivers who have no disregard for their safety or those around them.

Truck Accident

Compared to a car accident, truck accidents are often more devastating. Size and weight of a commercial truck often results in much more severe injuries such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. A lawyer can assist you in recovering compensation and conducting negotiations, which is especially helpful because there are often multiple parties involved in truck accidents, including the carrier and third-party vendors.

Motorcycle Accident 

A motorcycle can accelerate much more quickly than trucks and cars, and they are much more difficult to control because of their ability to reach high speeds. If a motorcyclist is riding recklessly, they can strike pedestrians or other vehicles because they are going too fast. 

Slip and Fall

If you have slipped on a surface or Fallen because of uneven pavement, the first one injury lawyer can help you prepare a claim. If a property owner knew of the hazard and  did not immediately make the necessary actions to remove the obstacles they, can face legal action.

Rideshare Accident

Accidents involving rideshare vehicles are increasingly common. If you have been in a rideshare accident where your driver or another driver was responsible for causing the accident, talk to a lawyer to learn about your legal options. They can determine potential damages you can recover and which parties are responsible. 

Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can occur for several reasons, such as an anesthesia error or blunt force trauma. Injuries often change a victim’s life forever, causing disabilities and other health issues. If you believe that your brain injury was as a result of a doctor’s error or negligence committed by an individual, you may be able to file a claim. A personal injury lawyer can gather evidence and prepare a persuasive argument so you can recover compensation. 

Dog Bite

Another type of case that many personal injury lawyers often handle are dog bites. The owners are responsible for ensuring that their dog is trained and restrained. If you have been bitten by a dog, you can pursue legal action against the owner, as a personal accident lawyer in Monmouth County can explain. You have the right to recover damages if you have suffered a dog bite injury as a result of a negligent owner. 

Focus On Recovery


When victims experience an accident, many who seek damages will have experienced injuries. While injuries can range from mild to severe, it’s important to note that even minor accidents can impact a victim in several ways. They might experience pain, but they may also have difficulty continuing to earn a living. Recovery is imperative so that victims can resume a life following the accident as normal as possible. Common types of injuries include:

  • Lacerations
  • Fractured Bones
  • Head Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • +More

Depending upon the type of injury, the course of treatment can vary. Victims may require physical therapy and even surgery. While victims will undoubtedly want to achieve a full recovery, doing so will mean following treatment recommendations made by medical providers. Failure to follow treatment recommendations may impact the recovery process and a victim’s case. When treatment recommendations are not followed, the opposing party may be led to believe that injuries are not as substantial as they were made to be. As a result, a settlement offer may be greatly undervalued or denied altogether.

Our Services

Personal injury cases are vast, yet they require experience from a law firm that understands the intricacies because they can quickly become complex. When victims rely on our firm to represent them, they can rest assured that they will receive:

  • A lawyer who will fight tirelessly for them
  • Someone who can offer support and answer questions
  • Updates regarding their case every step of the way
  • A skilled negotiator who will work to maximize settlement values
  • The necessary resources to reach a successful outcome

5 Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Here are some of the most common questions that a Monmouth County personal injury lawyer receives. 

What are common personal injury accidents? 

A personal injury case is a legal case where a victim has suffered harm as a result of actions that amount to negligence committed by another person. There are many types of personal injury accidents, such as car accidents, slip and falls, product defects, medical malpractice and dog bites. However, filing a claim against the responsible party can be challenging. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you with. Whatever kind of personal injury case you have, a skilled and experienced lawyer can help you understand the legal rights and how to navigate the claims process. 

What damages can I recover?

There are a number of damages that you can recover if you file a successful personal injury claim, as a skilled personal injury lawyer can explain. You can recover compensation for medical bills, damaged or destroyed property, pain and suffering, and more. Calculating damages accurately is important otherwise you may not be compensated the amount that you should. You need to calculate your damages early. A lawyer can make the calculations for you to help you maximize your compensation. They will do the work so that you can prove you have suffered all of the damages. 

Do I need to see a doctor? 

Seeing the doctor is one of the most important things you can do after an accident. Unfortunately many accident victims do not take the time to see a doctor right away. They think that they are fine enough that they do not need to see one. However the doctor report can greatly support your evidence and maximize your conversation. This is a simple step that should not be ignored. It is better to see a doctor right away so that you understand what type of injuries that you have so that they can be included in your claim.

Can I still get compensation if I’m at fault? 

State laws regarding liability differ, so talk to a lawyer to learn more about them in detail. They will tell you how the laws will apply to your case. Many people assume that they are not able to be compensated after a personal injury accident if they are partly at fault. However, do not immediately assume so. As a Monmouth County personal injury lawyer can tell you, depending on the state’s laws you may be able to recover partial compensation. Allow a lawyer to review the law and determine if you are able to get compensation for injuries you have suffered in the event of an accident.

Why is it worth hiring a lawyer? 

Going through the ups and downs of a complicated legal process can be stressful for anyone to handle, especially if you are dealing with a legal claim for the first time. You could be going through a lot of scenarios in your head as you face the uncertainty of the aftermath of an accident. Hiring a lawyer is worth it not just for the legal assistance but for the peace of mind that you can have. A Monmouth County personal injury lawyer will be there to serve as emotional support as well while you go through the difficult challenge of recovering physically and trying to get the best possible outcome. 

Following an accident, victims will be left to manage in the aftermath; Kreizer Law will partner with victims and assist in representing them in the way they deserve. Schedule a consultation with our Monmouth County, NJ, personal accident lawyer for more information.

Important Types of Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

In order to have a successful personal injury claim, you must provide sufficient evidence. Your evidence has to establish that another party caused your injuries due to carelessness. Here are the most important types of evidence in personal cases.


  • Police report. Sometimes police come to the scene of an accident and make a report. The report includes important information about the accident, such as when and where it took place and the names of everyone involved. The police may even provide an objective statement about what caused the accident. Be sure to obtain a copy of the police report for your records.
  • Photos of the accident scene. Pictures are a great piece of evidence to have for your personal injury claim. Therefore, if you are able to, take several photos of the accident scene. For instance, if you were in a car accident, take photos of all the vehicles involved in the accident, traffic signs and skid marks on the road. If you suffered a slip and fall accident, take photos of what caused the accident, such as a liquid spill.
  • Medical records. It is important to seek medical care immediately after an accident. If you wait too long to see a doctor, you could jeopardize your health and case. Remember to request copies of your medical records, including MRI results, blood test results and doctor’s notes about your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Witness testimony. If there were witnesses present at the accident scene, you may want to ask for their names and contact information. They can provide a statement about what happened and back up your claim.
  • Video footage. Sometimes accidents are captured on video. For example, if you were in a car accident, nearby traffic cameras may be able to show what actually happened. Your personal injury lawyer can help you get ahold of the video footage.
  • Personal narrative. It is also a good idea to write down what you remember about the accident in a journal right away. Memories can fade over time, and you don’t want to forget anything. For instance, if you were in a car accident and recall the other driver using a smartphone before the crash, jot that information down. It could help establish fault.