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When we make the extremely difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, we hope they will be treated with kindness and compassion at all times. Although most nursing home facilities lookout for the best interests of their patients and residents, exceptions do exist. In fact, nursing home abuse and neglect occur with shocking frequency in New Jersey, New York, and across the country.

If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately. At Kreizer Law, our compassionate and highly-skilled legal team has helped victims of elder abuse get the justice they deserve. Call us today at 1‑(800)-4-JUSTICE® for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

How to Protect Your Loved One

Do your homework when selecting the best nursing home for your loved one. Ask for referrals and recommendations, and take a tour of several facilities before making a final decision. Rooms should be clean and comfortable, common areas should be inviting, and staff should seem friendly and appear to enjoy their jobs.

It’s also a good idea to visit during mealtimes. This way you can observe residents in the dining area. Do they appear happy, social, and at ease in their environment?

Check-in on Them Frequently

Once your loved one has moved into a facility, visit as often as possible in the first few weeks to ensure that he/she is receiving loving and competent care. But keep in mind that individuals who are suffering from dementia and other cognitive disorders are particularly susceptible to abuse and negligence, as it is more difficult for them to report mistreatment. If you suspect nursing home abuse or negligence, contact a NJ/NY nursing home abuse lawyer today.

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Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Signs to Watch For

Nursing home abuse can take many forms and can occur in various settings. In addition to nursing homes, older Americans and those with mental and physical disabilities can be victims of assisted living abuse, home health abuse, and residential care abuse.

Although physical abuse (pushing, slapping, punching) is usually what comes to mind when we discuss this topic, it is far from the only form. Victims can also suffer emotional and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and general neglect. Common signs of abuse and neglect include:

  • Pressure sores (bedsores)
  • Unexplained infections
  • Falls and fractures
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Unexplained bruising, wounds, or lacerations
  • Instances of wandering
  • Unclean or unsanitary conditions
  • Appearing withdrawn or depressed
  • Reluctance to talk when staff members are present
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Bruising or injuries near genitals
  • Unexplained death of a resident

Why You Need a Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse

Although most of the warning signs above can occur in normal situations, they are often red flags that something needs to be addressed. In the most severe cases, they can indicate serious abuse and neglect.

If your loved one has been abused by the people to whom his/her wellbeing has been entrusted, compensation cannot undo the damage. But it can provide the help needed to obtain the high level of care and justice they deserve.

What We Do

At Kreizer Law, our nursing home abuse lawyers will thoroughly review the details of your case to determine the best legal strategy for moving forward. If the nursing home failed to meet your loved one’s needs and caused injury or wrongful death through negligence or abuse, we will bring a lawsuit against any responsible parties and conduct a thorough investigation.

Our legal team will gather evidence to substantiate your claim, and remain by your side throughout the entire process. If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to fight for you in court. You’ve been through enough; let us handle it from here.

Contact Kreizer Law Today

If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, the skilled legal team at Kreizer Law can help. Our NJ & NY Nursing Home Abuse Services team has extensive experience in this very specific area of law, and we have an impressive track record of obtaining substantial compensation for our clients. When negligent or criminal behavior harms a vulnerable individual, the parties responsible should be held accountable for their actions. At Kreizer Law, our experienced, compassionate lawyers will ensure that you understand your rights and options before moving forward.

Contact us at 1‑(800)-4-JUSTICE® today for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

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