Car Accident Lawyer Tinton Falls, NJ

Car Accident Lawyer Tinton Falls, NJ- two car car crash
If you’ve recently been injured in an auto accident, it’s critical to avoid making any assumptions about your case until a skilled car accident lawyer Tinton Falls, NJ motorists trust has evaluated the circumstances of your case. All too often, injury victims are under the impression that they either can’t recover any compensation or they aren’t owed compensation, so they resist the idea of speaking with a lawyer. In reality, many injury victims in New Jersey are owed considerable compensation as a result of their harm, even if they were also partially to blame for what happened to them. By speaking with the team at Kreizer Law, you can confirm the value of your car accident case and make informed decisions about whether pursuing legal action is in your best interests at this time.

Car Accident Lawyer Tinton Falls, NJ

No two car accidents ever unfold under exactly the same circumstances. Therefore, if you know somebody who got into a crash and who was not ultimately in a position to recover compensation, don’t lose heart. Your crash occurred under unique circumstances and those circumstances need to be taken into account before the true value of your car accident case can be determined.

Confirming the Value of Your Car Accident Case

When our Tinton Falls car accident lawyer team meets with you for the first time in a consultation setting, we’ll ask you questions about the circumstances of your situation so that we can more accurately estimate the value of your case. For example, if you were engaged in work-related activities at the time of impact and you are classified as either a full-time or part-time employee (not an independent contractor), you’re almost certainly entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as a result of your injuries. We will also ask you about your auto insurance coverage, so please feel free to bring along details about your policy to your consultation.

If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to recover any compensation because you were partially to blame for the circumstances of your accident, know that New Jersey will allow you to pursue personal injury damages from parties that are more at-fault for your accident than you are and provided that you aren’t more than 50% responsible for the accident overall. Determining the causation and fault issues for your unique accident case may compel us to investigate the circumstances of your crash. But please rest assured that we have considerable experience in this area of law and we know how to uncover whatever the truth may be.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet scheduled a risk-free consultation with the team at Kreizer Law, please do so now. Connecting with a trusted Tinton Falls car accident lawyer will allow you to make truly informed decisions about your legal situation in the wake of your crash. And when it comes to recovering any and all compensation you’re owed as a result of your injuries, knowledge truly is power.