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Personal Injury Protection Insurance in New Jersey and New York

When you are injured in an automobile accident, the last thing you want to worry about is the insurance claim for injuries to yourself or passengers in your vehicle—especially when you are trying to focus on your own physical recovery. The claim process can be complex, lengthy and frustrating.

What is PIP?

Every state has its own rules for the type and amount of coverage auto owners must carry, although it is purchased from private insurance companies. New Jersey and New York both require their state’s drivers have Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, insurance. You might know PIP by another name: no-fault insurance. This means your auto insurance provider is responsible for the medical costs incurred by you and passengers in your car, no matter which driver caused the accident. In addition to medical costs, both states’ PIP coverages include lost income and death benefits.

As with other insurance, cheaper PIP policies typically provide less coverage.

So far, PIP sounds pretty straightforward: You’re in an automobile accident, file a claim to your insurance carrier and receive payment based on your policy’s terms. However, in New York, for example, you need to submit a detailed written claim within 30 days of the accident.

When You Might Need Help

There are times when you might need legal assistance following an automobile accident in New Jersey or New York, such as:

  • Your PIP claim is denied. A personal injury lawyer can review your policy and the letter of denial. If it’s believed you were wrongfully denied benefits, he or she can represent you during arbitration or, in some cases, sue the insurance provider for breach of contract, unfair claims practices, or bad faith.  
  • Medical expenses and lost wages go beyond your PIP coverage. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the coverage you chose, it’s possible PIP won’t provide enough for medical expenses and lost wages. If the other driver caused the accident, you might be able to file a lawsuit seeking economic damages. Depending on your policy, you might also be able to receive damages for pain and suffering or loss of companionship.
  • Your insurer requires you to appear for an E.U.O. (examination under oath). The insurer, which has a financial interest in terminating your benefits as soon as possible, may hire an attorney to conduct a hearing in which you answer questions about the crash and your treatment. It may be wise for you to consult an attorney before appearing.

Attorneys in NY and NJ Who Will Advocate for You

It’s always stressful to be in an automobile accident, but especially when someone is injured. Kreizer Law attorneys are knowledgeable about New York and New Jersey PIP insurance and can advocate for you when you need help. Call 888-578-5222 –1-(800)-458-7842 or contact us online to discuss your case with a Kreizer Law attorney today.

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