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Injured While Ridesharing in NJ or NY? Here’s What to Do

Need a ride? It’s as simple as downloading the Uber or Lyft app on your smartphone, which through GPS locates and connects you with an available driver. The use of these ridesharing services is becoming increasingly common. According to a Statista survey, 36 percent of Americans used a ridesharing service in 2018, a 15 percent increase over 2015.

It might not be as simple to know what to do if you’re involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, immediately and afterward.

Steps to Take After a Ridesharing Accident

Document the accident. If you are not injured and are able to do so, take many of the same actions you would if you were the car’s driver:

  • Contact the police. After you give your statement, ask how you can get a copy of the accident report.
  • Take photos of the vehicles and accident site.
  • Don’t sign statements you don’t understand or agree to anything over the phone.
  • Contact your insurance carrier or a lawyer if you have questions.

Keep tabs on your well-being. It can take several hours or days for the full physical effects of a vehicle accident to be felt. Even if you turned down medical assessment at the time of the accident, your health is most important. See your doctor if you have concerns about aches or pain as soon as possible.

Who Pays if You’re Injured in NJ or NY?

Suppose you are using a ridesharing service in New Jersey or New York when the vehicle is involved in an accident and you are injured. Who is responsible for paying your medical costs? The drivers, who are independent contractors and must have their own automobile insurance, or Uber, Lyft or other transportation network companies?

  • Both states require vehicle owners to purchase Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, coverage, also known as no-fault insurance. PIP covers medical costs, lost income and death benefits, the amount depending on the policy purchased.
  • New Jersey legislators were concerned ridesharing drivers would purchase the state’s minimum PIP, $15,000 per person. A 2017 law requires ridesharing companies (such as Uber and Lyft) have vehicle liability coverage of $1.5 million per occurrence, whether from the driver’s policy, the company’s policy or both. 

In both states, if the ridesharing driver did not cause the accident, the injured passenger would pursue damages from the other driver’s insurance company.  

Attorneys in NJ and NY Who Know the Rules of the Road

Ridesharing is a relatively new transportation service, and at the time of an accident, you might not be able to ask important questions. The insurance claim process can also be complicated and drawn out. Kreizer Law Uber and Lyft accident attorneys in NY and NJ are knowledgeable about insurance laws and ridesharing regulations. They’ll work diligently to make sure ridesharing passengers involved in an accident receive the compensation they deserve. Call 888-578-5222 –1-(800)-458-7842 or contact us online to discuss your case with a Kreizer Law attorney today.

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