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FAQ: Managing Work-Related Accidents

Managing workers’ compensation claims call for assistance from a workers comp lawyer NJ victims rely on to receive the benefits they deserve. Accidents in the workplace can leave victims facing significant losses, and because of this, the benefits workers’ compensation provides will be imperative to the recovery process. In some cases, the process can become rather complicated, and often employers do not understand the workers’ compensation system and how they should proceed. Victims and employers will have questions about what steps should be taken. Fortunately, for injured workers, help from Kreizer Law can be especially beneficial in determining the appropriate way to move forward and receive the benefits they require. 

Are all employers required to carry workers’ compensation insurance?

It’s essential to be aware that workers’ compensation requirements for employers can vary depending on the state. However, in most situations, any employer with more than three employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. In New Jersey, uninsured employers may be penalized with fines and even be criminally charged. 

How does workers’ compensation benefit the employer? 

Several benefits are available to employees eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, employers must know that they also receive benefits for carrying workers’ compensation. Not only can they ensure that their employees receive the help they need after an accident, but workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. When victims accept workers’ compensation, they waive their ability to sue their employer. In most cases, this may protect the employer’s business from facing legal claims against them. 

What steps should employers take to prevent workplace accidents?

A workers comp lawyer in NJ will share that employers should take steps to prevent workplace accidents. By doing so, workers can prevent injuries, lowered morale and reduced productivity. Employers can prevent workplace injuries by:

  • Providing education and training to staff
  • Implementing a wellness program
  • Providing employees with proper protective equipment
  • Keeping the workplace free and safe from hazards

How long does an employer have to report a work-related accident?

When an injury occurs in the workplace, an employee should report the accident to their employer as soon as possible, within 72 hours. This ensures there is no question from their employer as to how the accident happened. However, an employer also has a responsibility as well. The employer must report the accident to the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation on or before the 18th day the injury occurred OR within ten days the employer discovered the injury. 

What should an injured employee do after they have been injured?

After an employee has been injured, they must take several key steps to ensure they receive medical attention and the benefits they deserve. If you are able, someone who has been injured on the job should report the accident to their employer and ensure that an accident report is completed. Next, they should move forward with seeking medical treatment. Medical treatment offers several benefits. Medical care provides diagnosis and treatment for injuries and produces medical documentation that outlines injuries and helps tie the injuries to the accident. Another meaningful way forward is to begin documenting the accident and gathering all relevant evidence. 

Work-related accidents deliver outcomes that can significantly impact victims. The complexities of navigating this type of situation will bring forth several questions. Our NJ workers comp lawyers are prepared to answer questions and help strategize the next steps moving forward. For more information, contact our team from Kreizer Law.


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