Vacation Rentals, Injuries & Premise Liability
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Vacation Rentals, Injuries & Premise Liability

Whether you decide to relax on the beach in Miami or have an adventure in the Rocky Mountains, taking a vacation can provide a lot of excitement and fun. Unfortunately, it can also turn into a nightmare if you suffer an injury at your vacation rental property. Vacation property owners have a duty to keep their homes safe for renters. If they fail to do this and someone gets hurt, the property owner may be held responsible.

Read further to learn about some of the more common accidents people suffer when staying in vacation rentals.


Many vacation rental properties offer outdoor grills for visitors. Cooking hot dogs, burgers and steaks on an August evening can definitely provide a delicious meal. However, if the grill is damaged, it may cause a fire or explosion, resulting in severe burn injuries. Burns are very painful and may lead to permanent disfigurement.

Swimming Pool Accidents

A swimming pool is one of the most popular amenities at a vacation rental. However, there must be certain safety features to prevent accidents, such as a gate around the pool, warning signs, flotation devices and depth markers. Otherwise, guests are in danger of drowning, slip and falls, and diving accidents.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Guests can also suffer from slip and fall accidents in vacation rentals. Common causes of slip and falls include loose carpeting, unsecured handrails and poor lighting. While some falls are not a big deal, others can cause major injuries, like broken bones and head injuries.

Who to Sue for Injuries at a Vacation Rental

If you were injured while staying at a vacation rental, you might wonder who you can hold accountable. The truth is that several people can be liable for your accident, such as the property owner, property manager or maintenance person. It can be tricky to identify the responsible party on your own. That’s where a skilled personal injury lawyer comes in. A lawyer can conduct an investigation and determine what parties are liable for your damages.

Exercise Caution with Insurance Companies

If you wish to pursue a claim after suffering an injury at a vacation rental, be careful about what you say to the defendant’s insurance company. Insurers care about their bottom line and may try to twist what you said about your vacation rental to make you look at-fault. It’s best to let your lawyer handle all communications with the insurance company.

If you were injured at a vacation rental property, contact a personal injury lawyer in Monmouth County, NJ. At Kreizer Law, we will fight for fair compensation.

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