So Long 2020!! - We Are Looking at 2021 As An Opportunity
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Vendors & Current Clients

SO LONG 2020!!

Happy New Year

2021 Could not have come soon enough for most.

Although we are not completely in the clear and the Covid virus has taken hold again with a vengeance in some states, good things are certainly on the horizon in 2021.

This new year may have been the most anticipated new year in recent history; as the potential for ‘End of Covid’ becomes more and more in reach, so does the cause for cautious celebration.

Kreizer Law is looking at 2021 as an opportunity,  an opportunity to reexamine and re-enforce our firms mission to continue to provide our clients with a first rate customer experience.  This year has been so difficult and going through any type of accident, injury or legal issue is hard. We understand that and are completely committed to making it as easy as possible for all of our clients, so they can focus on their health and getting their lives back on track. At Kreizer Law the client always comes first and in 2021 we are committed to that more than ever.

If 2021 resolves even half of the issues brought on by its predecessor, it will be a massive success.

With the arrival of a Covid vaccine comes hope for the world to return to some sense of Normalcy. Although the roll out of the vaccine and plans for inoculation may not be going as smoothly as most would like, the vaccine is here.  Being able to ensure those most susceptible receive the vaccine, including first responders, health care workers  and residents of nursing homes, elderly and those with compromised immune systems is our first step in the right direction.

Details about the Covid-19 Vaccines Available in the US

Although the arrival of the vaccine has been welcome news for most, some are concerned about side effects and other possible complications. As with most vaccines, side effects do exist, but they are limited, and the benefits of the Covid vaccine far outweigh the risks.

Benefits of the Vaccine

One thing is certain, Covid-19 can cause serious health problems and death. Although older people and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk, even young, healthy people have died from the virus. Due to the severe risk involved with contracting Covid, wide distribution of the vaccine is in the best interest of the general public.

In addition to reducing the risk of contracting Covid, the vaccine may also mitigate the toll it takes on your body if you do contract it. For example, it may prevent you from developing serious complications.

Getting the vaccine can also protect your loved ones from exposure. This is especially important if you have friends or family members in a high-risk group.

Below are links for more information for the CDC, along with New Jersey and New York registration links:


Coronavirus Vaccine

The Light At The End of The Tunnel 

The good news is that the vaccine is on the horizon for all of us.

2021 brings more than the long-awaited Covid vaccine; it also brings hope for all of for a better tomorrow.

Although we still have a way to go before this pandemic chapter finally comes to a close, the end is in sight. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy New Year from all of us at Kreizer Law!

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