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Back To School & Workers Compensation

Many people still associate work accidents with high-risk occupations, such as factory and construction work. However, accidents can occur in just about any industry, including education. Teachers who suffer an injury while working are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Teachers & Work Accidents

A school might not seem like a dangerous place to work, but accidents still happen. One of the most common ways teachers can get hurt is in slip and fall accidents. Liquid spills in the teacher breakroom, torn carpeting and poor lighting can all cause these accidents. Slips and falls can result in serious injuries, like broken bones, head injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Teachers are also at risk of suffering repetitive stress injuries. They often have to perform repetitive tasks, like writing on a chalkboard and grading homework. Eventually, this can cause damage to their tendons, muscles and nerves. They may experience chronic pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling and weakness in the affected area.

Unfortunately, teachers can be victims of violence during school hours. They may try to break up fights between students and get hurt in the process. Teachers may also get physically attacked by students, which can lead to life-threatening injuries.

What Workers Compensation Benefits Can Teachers Receive?

Teachers who suffer an injury on the job are entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, including hospital stays, surgeries, doctor’s visits and physical therapy. They may also receive a portion of their weekly wages while they are out of work recovering from their injuries. If they suffer a permanent disability from the accidents, teachers may be able to receive disability payments for life.

Do Injured Teachers Need to Hire a Lawyer?

While you are not required to hire a lawyer to file a workers’ compensation claim, it is in your best interest to do so. Filing for workers’ compensation involves many steps and you do not want to overlook anything. An experienced lawyer can help you submit the proper documents to your employer, such as medical records and bills, in a timely fashion. He or she will handle all negotiations with the insurance company and protect your rights.

If you are a teacher who sustained an injury at work, schedule a consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Monmouth County, NJ. At Kreizer Law, we can help you file a timely workers’ compensation claim.

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