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Avoiding Car Accidents

Whether we are reminiscing about our first car or pining after Hollywood’s most iconic vehicles, Americans often have a deep appreciation for car culture. However, sometimes it is easy to forget the dangers associated with driving.

On average, Americans are involved in an estimated 6 million car accidents per year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Furthermore, an estimated 40,000 Americans died due to injuries resulting from a car accident, and an additional 4.5 million people suffered from serious injuries.

Below our car accident attorneys review four ways to avoid car accidents and ensure you and your loved ones get to your destination safely.

Limit distractions

AAA estimates that an average American spends slightly more than two hours per day behind the wheel.

That means each year you might spend almost 33 days in your car!

Although driving might get boring, it is important to avoid distractions.

Most people are aware of the dangers of texting and driving; however, you might be unaware of the other distractions including talking on the phone, adjusting makeup, and even snacking.

Before you begin your commute to work or trip to the New Jersey shore, be sure to connect your phone to your car’s speaker system and activate voice controls. Most phones are equipped with automated messages that let your family, friends, and colleagues know you are driving and unable to answer their call.

Additionally, the NHTSA report noted activities such as eating while driving as a significant cause of car accidents in 2017.

Eating while driving and quickly adjusting your make-up might only take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, but at 55 mph those few seconds equate to driving the length of a football field with a blindfold on, and can cause serious injury or even death.

Be aware of traffic laws

While driving, not only is it important to be aware of other drivers, but also varying speed limits, and traffic patterns. In order to avoid accidents, be sure to maintain a safe following distance behind other vehicles.

The New York State Motor Vehicle Department recommends using the two-second rule to measure appropriate following distance.

Additionally, being mindful of common traffic laws, such as using your turn signal can help  prevent accidents.  For example, according to a 2012 study, failing to properly signal a turn or lane change contributed to nearly 2 million accidents.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving helps reduce collisions, thus saving lives and money spent on car repairs and insurance payments. Driving defensively is achieved by being aware of road conditions, such as slowing traffic or construction, as well as anticipating road hazards.

Some defensive driving techniques that you can incorporate into your daily commute include:

  • Eliminating distractions such as texting or eating while driving
  • Maintaining a safe following distance by following the two-second rule mentioned above
  • Scanning the road for hazardous conditions as frequently as possible

Maintaining your vehicle

One of the best ways to prevent accidents on the road is to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. To prevent your car from coming to a stop in the middle of traffic, or, worse, failing to stop in the middle of traffic, be sure to make sure your brakes and tires are road-ready. Additionally, regular engine maintenance, such as keeping your oil clean, will not only keep

your car running longer, it will also help to prevent accidents causes by vehicle failure.

What to do if you’ve been in an accident?

No matter how responsible you are, you can still be involved in a car accident. At Kreizer Law, we are ready to help you secure financial compensation for medical bills and property damage due to a motor vehicle accident.

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